Friday, September 7, 2018

Mayan Children and Attention Span

If you ever visit Guatemala, and especially small indigenous towns, you'll undoubtedly notice small children doing "adult" things like going to the store, babysitting their smaller siblings, and even working. There are kids in Pana that I swear are six years old that work as shoeshine boys. It's shocking.
But a recent study a friend shared with me shows that Mayan children are given autonomy and responsibility and are flourishing. They are learning to be grown-ups at a younger age and they thrive on it.
It's totally true, in my opinion. The kids here aren't spoiled. They behave (for the most part) and they contribute to the family. Now, I'm not condoning giving a six-year-old a job -- they should be in school -- but perhaps some first-world parents can learn something from the Mayan way of life.

A charming Mayan girl selling her wares on the street.
To help the children of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, get good nutrition and schooling, please support Mil Milagros (A Thousand Miracles) here:

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