Sunday, September 2, 2018

Beautiful Song in Kaqchikel

This song is called "Ruk'ux qana'ojil" -- Essence of our Wisdom. It's so wonderful not just for the singing but for the language, the visuals, and the message.
Click here to see an English translation of the lyrics. (Opens in a new window.)

I've watched it several times. I love the traditional clothing (tipico) and the scenery and showing the daily lives of these beautiful people. When the girl goes into her grandmother's house, you can see the dirt floor, the simple walls, the low cooking stove. Then she grinds corn on the stone slab! So cool.

The message is lovely and one that I wish more people would recognize. I know that I didn't appreciate the wisdom of my elders when I was younger but it seems as I get closer to being an elder myself, I have developed more respect for the ways of the past. I wish I had spent more time with my own grandparents to learn about their lives and where they came from. I have fond memories though. Both sets of grandparents were really nice people, albeit very, very different. I really miss my Nanny, my mother's mother. She was a hoot!

Go hug an older person today!! 💜👴👵💜

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