Saturday, December 7, 2019

Please Give A Guatemalan Family a Lovely Christmas

Hello, friends! I know many of you donate to charity rather than buying gifts 🙌 so I would love if you could help out Dr. de Peña and this family.
If you watch the video, you will meet Ana and her four children who live in one room together and work every day on the streets selling things. None of the children go to school because they have to work to make money for food.
If you are in the first world, can you imagine if your four children under the age of 11 had to work?? No, I think not. I would love for people in Canada, the States, and all "rich" countries to understand that life is so different here in Guatemala. I would especially love children back home to see what kids' lives are like here! They would be shocked! 😧 Perhaps some kids can show this to their class at school. That would be very cool.

Dr. Louis is well-known in town as a doctor and a philanthropist. He treated me when I had pneumonia and even adopted a cat from me! He is a very generous guy and loves to help the street kids. Panajachel is blessed to have him in our community.

Please donate and share the video and/or the GoFundMe campaign:

This family makes on average $6 a day. Donating even $20 would mean so much to them! I am looking forward to Dr. Luis posting a follow-up video with their smiling faces on Xmas Day! 🎄
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