Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Big Boy Is a Star!

A short while ago, a lovely Canadian woman named Jess posted in a Facebook group that she was looking for a dog to do a commercial. Of course, I jumped all over that and sent her a tonne of photos of all the doggies. Jess and her husband, Greg, came to our house and met our pack of lunatic puppies and we all agreed that Big Boy would be the best dog for the job because he is big, handsome, and well trained.

Bert posted on Facebook: "Well, it is about time one of my fury freeloaders got a job. Big Boy is going to be in a video ad for a nice couple that I met here that have a pet business in the U.S. They work with local artisans here making collars, leashes, and other accessories. So proud of my Big Boy! The money he makes will go towards helping other street dogs! (like he used to be)"

At 6am on a Sunday morning, Bert and Big Boy went across town to meet everybody -- Livvy the photographer, Jess & Greg, and two human actors.

They filmed in front of some random person's house because it had a nice doorway.
In the picture above, you can see that Hank (our former dog who voluntarily returned to the streets) decided to come along and hang about with the team! Bert said that Hank was Big Boy's "entourage". LOL!

Bert commented: "Big Boy taking 5 because he is such a diva."
Big Boy had a bit of a crush on his co-star.
It took 3 hours of filming to make this 1-minute commercial but I think it turned out great!
Congratulations, Big Boy, on your first job!

If you'd like to check out the lovely collars and dog accessories, click here --> RUFF ON THE ROAD

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