Monday, November 28, 2016

The Tuk Tuk Bridge

I was so nervous when I first went across this bridge -- and it was in much better condition then! I'm still careful but it's not such a big deal anymore. You can get accustomed to a lot of things. :)

EDIT: When I posted this blog on my Facebook page, my friend, Mister Jon, proprietor of Mister Jon's restaurant on Santander in Panajachel, commented on the post with the two pictures and quotes below. AWESOME!!

"Tuk Tuk bridge during Tropical storm Agatha (2010). The bridge was built by tuk tuk drivers after Hurricane Stan (2005) destroyed what is now the blue bridge."
"This former pedestrian bridge was above what is now the blue bridge and was destroyed by Agatha. this forms part of the guard rail of the tuk tuk bridge."
I simply cannot believe how CRAZY the river is. We haven't had a big storm like this since I've been here. Looks so scary!

Thanks for sharing your photos, Mister Jon! (And for making great food and drinks!)

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