Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2016

My favourite holiday! And I wake up SICK. Bummer. After weeks of preparation, the big day comes and I spend most of it in my bedroom or my bathroom. The only candy I ate was Pepto Bismol. :(
This year's Halloween party was a benefit for AYUDA Para la Salud de Perros y Gatos. I offered to help and was put in charge of coordinating food for the free buffet. I did okay, but not everything came out as I had hoped. There was a ton of great food though and nobody would have noticed what was lacking!

Two days before Halloween, a bunch of us go-getters went to La Palapa to decorate!
Marion concentrating as she fixes light bulbs.
Bert on the ladder with John steadying it. The Palapa's floor is sand! 
Brahva donated a big tent in case it rained. H. was our D.J. and Selaine coordinated everything!
Everyone gathered up decorations from years past.
Cassidy from Gringos Locos dropped by and even he got roped into putting up decorations!
(He pretty much takes any excuse to stand on a bar!)
In spite of my sickness on Halloween day, I still had to run around and do errands, including buying 15 avocados to make a huge bowl of yummy guacamole. Several things I had hoped to do at the last minute got canceled due to my sour tummy, which made me kinda bummed, but it was still an awesome party!
Bert's last minute costume was so amazing! He hadn't had a chance to get to the barber for a few weeks and he decided to take advantage of his massive beard to be a werewolf!
He did his own makeup!
Bert's costume was so convincing that our dog, Calvin, growled and tried to bite him!
When Bert started talking, Calvin seemed confused. I had to hold his chain so Bert could walk outside!
(Check out the awesome fake nails!)
As we were walking down the alley to the street, some locals noticed us. One woman pointed to Bert and told her young child to look. He did...and then started to WAIL!! HA HA!
The modern day werewolf waits for a tuk-tuk.
As we did last year, my little sister and I coordinated costumes. We decided to be unicorns this year! My, oh, my, what a challenge that was. I spent a lot of time scrounging through pacas (second-hand shops) and brainstorming crafting ideas. It didn't come together as well as I would have liked, but that's okay. I still had fun!
I was not feeling well at all but tried to be happy for the party. My mane is a purple duster, my horn is attached to a headband with a TON of hot glue, and my hooves are made from cut-up pop bottles. :D
I kinda carved a punkin this year! My intention was to have him barfing up guacamole but there was no room on the food tables for it. He's still cool. :)
The party was awesome! So many great folks there, with rockin' music, good food, and lots of amazing costumes. I wish I was feeling better so I could have stayed to enjoy it.
Halloween party La Palapa bar Panajachel Guatemala
The Halloween party getting started at La Palapa bar on Santander in Panajachel, Guatemala!
Halloween party La Palapa bar Panajachel Guatemala
Anonymous attended our party!
Can't see them well but that's B as Maleficent and Selaine as Poison Ivy. We had a fancy bar set up at the back with specialty drinks in support of AYUDA.
A rare couples photo of us! :D
Anonymous and his lovely lady.
An unwanted guest!
Some kiddies enjoying candy, face painting, and dancing! (Plus H. and Bruce on the right!)
By far the best photo of the night! Bert dancing with his favourite lady, Vaquita!
Vaquita was so hyper and ran around in her little tutu dancing with everyone!
It was a great party for a great cause. Perhaps next year we'll do it again!

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