Thursday, April 14, 2016

Simple Days in Panajachel

Not too much going on right now. Getting over being sick. I had pneumonia! Who woulda thought? But a nice course of antibiotics wiped that right outta me! Yay, science. :)

Just a few pictures from walks around town. It's lovely and warm here, unlike back home where my family is sending me pictures of April snow! I do miss snow, but not in April. It's time for spring!

Here in Guatemala there are always lots of flowers and birds and butterflies and now a few fireflies at dusk. It's still very dry though. The hills are brown. It will be nice when the rains come.
Soccer game! Kicking up dust.
Such a huge field. They must be so fit!
Bert and Calvin walking thru an alley we like to take for a shortcut.
One of my favourite flowers. It's a climbing vine. I want to figure out how to transplant or propagate some so I can have some in my garden!
A kitty stalking a bug on the stairs. 
Oranges! They were too high to reach, plus they were growing in someone's yard and the branches were just overhanging the alleyway, so they probably wouldn't want me stealing them anyway!
Some weird thing painted on the wall in the alley near our house. No clue. 
Lovely flowers blooming under the lemon tree.
Our newest food obsession -- Mexican tortas -- hot meat sandwiches.
We recently discovered that these little carts sell sandwiches for only Q10 and they're sooo good! They fry up meat and onions on a flat grill and then melt cheese on top and put it all in a bun with a slice of ham plus ketchup and mayonnaise. YUMMY.
Mexican torta, all nicely browned and stuffed with goodies.
Bert is back to work this week painting at NJP's house. The masons used white and yellow sand to make cool patterns on the ceilings! Bert is painting the white to make it more white. (I don't get it. Looks fine to me!)
This is my favourite ceiling at NJP's place. I love the swirly tree thingies. 
Another ceiling in a smaller room.
Last but not least, my kitty, Willow. She's sick and frail and skinny and has such bad diarrhea every day but she still cuddles with me and purrs like nothin' doin'! Love her so much. :)
Willow sitting on my mousepad when I'm trying to work.
Hope you're all well and enjoying spring wherever you are. Hasta pronto, amigos.


  1. These are beautiful pictures Cris! Thanks! I love the look of that house! Have you looked up any natural remedies that might help Willow at all? Antiparasitics or the like?? ~ suzanne

    1. Willow has hyperthyroidism. Right now, we are focusing on feeding her lots of protein to prevent the weight loss and muscle wasting. Unfortunately, there is no cure but we will give her the best life possible here in sunny Guatemala. :)