Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Quick Temporary Move

Best thing you can do when moving to a new country? Make good friends!
I am super grateful for NJP, who helped us when we had to move suddenly this past Friday. He got his construction workers to help, found a pickup truck for our stuff, and is letting us stay in his spare room for a week until we can get into our new apartment. THANKS, dude!! You rock. :D
It wouldn't be a moving day without a kitty in a box!
We've got a bit more stuff than last time, but still pretty manageable.
Jiraffa! NJP's dog, and Calvin's kinda big brother.
Hauling boxes down the path to NJP's. That's Flaca in the foreground. :)
I missed getting a picture of the pickup. He drove it right down the dirt road and across the little stream to get it as close as possible to the path. Then the guys unloaded all our stuff into the dust.See Bert working so hard on the left there? Ha!
The construction dudes used wheelbarrows to make quick and easy work of moving our stuff.
The narrow walkway into NJP's place.
NJP's place! We are staying in the middle room. Super nice.
Willow making herself at home. She is such a sweet kitty. She doesn't care where we live as long as we're together.
Calvin sleeping by the bedroom door. Look how fat he's gotten!
Nothing refreshes your thirst like a Coca-Cola light. Light?? Ha ha!
So we're staying here for a week, enjoying getting to spend more time hanging out with NJP, and then we're moving into the fancy new place next Sunday. Such adventures!  :)

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