Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Few Pics from Jucanya

Jucanya (who-can-YAH) is the name of the town that is across the river from Panajachel. You can get there by simply walking over the yellow bridge (Friendship Bridge or Puente de la Amistad) from Pana towards Santa Catarina. When I first arrived  here, I didn't realize Jucanya has its own name. I thought it was all Panajachel, both sides of the bridge!

NJP's place is in Jucanya, the north part, so I've taken a few pics to show you what it's like. The fancy new place we're moving into on Sunday is also in Jucanya, but more south, so you'll be seeing more pictures of the area over the next while. :)
Doggies doggies everywhere.
Looking up the river road in Jucanya.
Looking down the river road in Jucanya, towards the yellow bridge and the lake.
The volcanoes are usually visible but it was hazy and cloudy.
A tuk-tuk driver told me the word is bruma.
Firewood vendor, plus they sell tortillas and other snacks at night.
If you're thinking that everything looks grey and dusty, that's cuz it is! We're at the tail end of dry season so everything is dessicated. (Word of the day!) It was also freaking HOT the day I took these pictures.

Old trucks in a mechanic's yard.
Colourful little tienda.
Remains of an old bridge that got washed away.
Bit bent but still readable.
River between Pana and Jucanya. The preceding photos were taken as I walked down the road on the right side of this picture.
Do you remember Flaca? She is still here, still skinny, and still so cute!
Speaking of skinny, I'm not going to be skinny if NJP keeps making yummy lunches like this!
This isn't Jucanya, but Pana, on the main road.
A clever cotton candy salesman was peddling his wares outside a school during recess. :D
I wish I could take a picture of the night times here. There are fireflies dancing in the trees every night. It's beautiful. One even landed on my arm.

Moving on Sunday. Wish us luck!

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