Saturday, February 20, 2016

Panajachel Market Pics

I love the market! I am a bit shy taking pictures though. I feel self-conscious whipping out a camera and taking photos of fruit!  :D
There is always so much to see at the market, and even more so on Sundays when they close the street and set up even MORE booths. It's fun to just wander through and gawk at all the stuff.
This guy sits on the side of the market road and chops up this weird piece of wood. Each circle has neat patterns in the wood. No one I talked to seems to know if it's just for decoration or if it has a more significant purpose.
One of my favourite vendors. You can see the awesome strawberries right in front. Her sheet was blowing down over her head!
I love the beautiful clothes the women wear and the fancy headwraps. And so much talent and excellent posture to carry baskets full of food on your head!
If you don't feel like cutting your own fruit, you can get it pre-chopped.
Also check out the sapotes at the bottom right. :)
Many types of fresh fruits. This guys has different types of apples on the bottom row there, which is actually kinda rare around here, plus the first mangos of the season. They're the yellow things in the front of the basket at the bottom on the red crate. There aren't any big red & green mangos yet but soon!
Inside the market building are more vendors selling fruits and veggies and many other things.
One of the butchers. Stinky!
And near to the butchers... flowers to make things less stinky!
Mountains of veggies.
Seeds and nuts and spices and mysterious bags of things.
Back outside in the sunshine, baskets of yummies.
I didn't take any pictures of the fishmongers cuz I was too shy. They have a wide variety of fish from the ocean, plus octopus, crabs, LOADS of big shrimp, and the freshwater fish and crabs from the lake.
Inside the market building are also "regular" stores selling all sorts of things.
Shoes. Lots of shoes. Guatemalans love shoes!
They have tiendas that sell all the pantry items, plus hardware stores. You can find almost anything!
A gift store in the market.
And when you're exhausted from all that shopping, you can get chicken and fries! 
One day when I'm more brave, I'll take a video of a walking through the market, inside and out. Then you can hear the noises as well. I wish I could record the smells too! Such an immersive experience.

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  1. But that wood guy!!? What on earth were those? Great shots Cristel!! I need to take more pics!