Sunday, February 28, 2016

Exotic Fruit Time!

While we're impatiently waiting for mango season, we're trying new fruits at the market.
This week it's granadilla. Well, actually one granadilla and one something else, perhaps tamarillo? The lady selling them at the market said they were both granadillas, and when I asked which was better, she said they were the same. I paid Q1 for two, or about $0.18.
When I got them home and Googled a bit, I found pictures showing that the red one is a tamarillo. And after my taste test of them, I can assure you they are VERY different fruit!
Granadillas on the left and tamarillos on the right.
I started with the red one. It looked very much like a tomato to me, and even smelled a bit like one. When I did my Googling, it even said they are called Tree Tomatoes. When I cut it open, it had seeds like a tomato too: small and crunchy in a gooey substance. From the video down below, I knew to use a spoon to scoop out the middle and eat it.
Inside the tamarillo.
The taste? Oh my heavens, SO SOUR!! My tongue hurt! If you can get past the sourness, it tasted like a cross between a mango and a Roma tomato. Not bad flavor but the sourness was overwhelming. Would not buy again.

Next up, the granadilla. I cut it in half. The skin was much more fibrous and unyielding than the tamarillo. And I was NOT expecting THIS inside!!
Inside the granadilla
OMG it's full of tadpoles!! Ha ha! It took a bit of nerve to scoop that stuff out with a spoon and put it in my mouth. But it was actually really good. Sweet and slippery, with crunchy seeds. I liked it!

Lucky for us, there are still plenty of "normal" fruits at the market. Strawberries are Q5 a pound, pineapples are Q5 each, and cantaloupes are Q10 each. Plus there are papayas, bananas, bananitas (baby bananas), grapes, apples, sapotes, watermelon, kiwis, annonas, and probably some more I'm forgetting. And those are just the things in season now! Mangos will be back in season soon, and after that there will be dragonfruits and rambutans. Yum! 

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