Thursday, February 18, 2016

Another Awesome Day

Had such a great day today! Smiled for almost all of it. Here are some pics to show you what life is like in Panajachel, Guatemala... or at least what my life is like! Your experience may vary. It may be even MORE awesome!  :D

Look who followed Bert home! It's Gimpy! If you don't remember him, check out my blog about him by clicking here.
He's such a loveable goofball.  
Going for a walkies. Gimpy stayed with us for a few days, then got a ride up to the vet's to get his nuggets removed,
then he's going back to his family. 
"I'm so handsome."
One of these flowers is not like the other.
At what point is it appropriate for me to go "nyah nyah nyah" to my friends back in Canada?
This is Derpy. I love him but he won't let me pet him. He's a stray that comes into our yard sometimes. 
Kira, our landlord's cat!
So many animals in our yard!
This morning the Gadget-cat came to eat breakfast with The Kittens. He is very elusive but I got a picture. 

A delicious breakfast at Mister Jon's Restaurant on Santander.
This is a sapote.
The inside of the sapote. It was very creamy, sweet, slightly stringy. I don't think I really liked it.
It kinda tasted like a sweet squash. The taste was hard to describe.
Real Canadian maple syrup at Chalo's!! That's 500ml for Q101.50 or about $18.10 Canadian. Tempting. 
Went down to the Lake to watch the sunset. Lovely, as always.
Pachi loves to play in the water! She's such an adorable weirdo.
Video of her romping over at my YouTube channel.
Tropical trees and a lovely sunset at Lake Atitlan.
We've been going through a bit of a hard run lately but when I step outside into the sunshine and hear the birds singing, when I cuddle my kitty, Willow, when I watch goofy Pachi running on the beach, when Bert buys me a package of cookies to cheer me up... all of that makes my heart happy. :)

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  1. pink cookies? yes, you are a lucky girl :)