Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Foster Dog, Calvin

Yay! Another chance to toot trumpets about Ayuda Para la Salud de Perros y Gatos!
Calvin -- lover, fighter, stealer of hearts
You may remember Calvin from a previous post. Calvin was left at NJP's property by the previous owner, along with a tall blonde dog we have taken to calling Jirafa (Giraffe). Today I actually found out from some locals that Calvin's original name is Zorro (which means fox, quite appropriate!), and Jirafa is Toby. Neither of the dogs seem to respond to anything but food, so names are kinda irrelevant!

We took Calvin into our tiny new home when NJP's neighbour threatened to kill him. (The dog, not NJP.) I guess Calvin had been scrapping it out with the neighbour's dog and the guy was getting sick of it. Luckily, he was nice enough to ask NJP about the dog before taking action. That's when I got an email and decided to see if we could help Calvin find a new home.

Right away I contacted my friend, Selaine, who runs Ayuda. You may recall that she was the one who connected us with our beloved Pachi. She agreed to help and now Calvin is waiting for his turn to get his family jewels removed. Then he will get the full marketing spiel on Facebook and around town to see if we can find him a forever home.

We're hoping getting him neutered will calm his macho demeanor. He's already been in two bad fights! There is a big handsome pitbull-type dog named Roco who lives on our street, and he and Calvin scrapped it out one day when I made the mistake of letting him off his leash. And he got in a fight with an unleashed dog in town when Bert was out walking him.

Despite his aggressive tendencies towards other male dogs, he's actually quite a goofy pup at home. He loves to rub his face against things while making weird groaning sounds. He sleeps near my chair whenever I'm working. And he loves to torment the cat... and she him! The only time I've ever heard Calvin bark was when Willow was hissing at him from some high perch.
He loves to chew so I bought him some rawhide bones. I know they're not the greatest, but I didn't have the nerve to go ask a local butcher for a pizzle!
He's gotten in a bunch of mischief since being at our little house too, which is both amusing and infuriating. He once climbed through our open shelves to go from the living room to the bedroom, then stood on the bed looking at me with a goofy grin! He stands up on his hind legs to eat the cat's food, which keeps getting moved to progressively higher and higher shelves. And he barfed on the living room floor the other morning, waking Bert up, and then broke the collar and tried to run away when Bert attempted to tie him up outside. Good times!

He's still an adorable pooch, very handsome, very charming when he wants to be, and super smart. Bert taught him to walk on a leash PROPERLY in only two days. We're still working on the whole "sit" thing though. He has zero clue what we mean, even when we try to push his butt down. :)

I'll leave you with this cute video of Calvin romping on the lawn. Whadda goof!

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