Thursday, October 15, 2015

Food Shopping on a Budget

We are in that crunch period with money right now where the rent and bills have just been paid and the next paycheck hasn't come through yet. We went grocery shopping at the Despensa Familiar and the market. This is our haul!
All the food we bought for Q53
Breakdown of prices:

12 tortillas --   Q3
2 avocados --  Q5
8 bananas --    Q4
1 lb peanuts -- Q8
1 lb sausage -- Q16
1 lb popcorn -- Q7
2 peppers --      Q5
1 lb tomatoes --Q5

TOTAL --       Q53

According to today's exchange rate on, that would be $8.88 Canadian or $6.91 U.S.

In case you haven't seen it yet, I put up a Google spreadsheet of some food prices I collected over the first while we lived here. You can see it here. It might be useful information for people planning to move here and wondering what the prices are like. It shows an old exchange rate though, so be sure to use to get an updated conversion.

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