Saturday, October 24, 2015

Arts & Crafts on a Sunny Afternoon

Finally, blue skies! That huge hurricane in the Pacific has been dumping rain on us for days and finally passed to reveal clear skies and hot sun. Bert went for a long walk with Pachi and ended up in the riverbed. He searched for two nice rocks to use as doorstops while Pachi frolicked in the water. When they got home, Bert with a sunburn and Pachi with a limp, we settled down to paint!
Bert doing arts and crafts on our awesome outdoor dining table. 

I did a simple purple heart on a weird porous black rock.
Bert's awesome spiral sun creation!
 Bert used a mosquito coil as a stencil to make the spiral. So creative!
Our new doorstops
Once we got started painting things, we didn't want to stop! We're going to find more rocks and other things to decorate another day.

After craft time, we went down Santander to have awesome pupusas at the newly renovated pupuseria. Delicious! If I haven't mentioned it, pupusas are a soft dough stuffed with cheese and other yumminess and fried on a flat grill. Served with a vinegary salad like coleslaw (called curtido) and hot pickled carrots, jalapenos, and onions if you desire. You fold the pupusa in half with the veggies on top and eat it with your hands. It's a gooey, cheesy, drippy, hot mess! Love it! Click here to see a recipe.
The new sign board menu at the street-side pupuseria on Santander.
We sat on the bar stools, right in front of the grill!
For dessert, we treated ourselves to ice cream cones from Sarita. It's only Q7 or about a dollar for a single scoop on a small waffle cone. I had peanut caramel and Bert had something bright blue that we think was Birthday Cake flavoured. Weird but tasty!
Another awesome day. Sunshine lifted our spirits and dried our clothes. Scrumptious and affordable food filled our bellies. Happy doggies made us smile. Can't beat that!

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