Monday, April 6, 2015

Bert and The Eternal Summer

Let me tell you about my traveling companion, code name "Bert".
Bert playing guitar by the lake. He didn't want me to put up this picture. :)
I told him, "If you're with me, you gotta be on the blog!"

Before we came here, Bert had never been on a plane, barely traveled anywhere, and if you read my previous post, was majorly paranoid about the conditions in Guatemala.

Well, Bert has blossomed!
He is happy, confident, friendly, eager, gentlemanly, and full of energy. He is a born traveler!

He loves being "exotic".
He loves meeting friendly locals and gringos alike.
He is eager to learn more Spanish so he can communicate better.
He helps me into the lanchas (boats) and offers his hand when the cobblestones trip me up.
He leaps out of bed every morning and paces the floor until it is time to go to town.
He has even done the dishes. (GASP!)

Bert is a new person. And it's awesome.

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