Friday, January 23, 2015

Found An Apartment for April 1

OMG so excited!  :D

After all the forums telling me that it would be near impossible to find a place to live April 1 because of Semana Santa, I decided to take a chance and posted on a Facebook group asking for an apartment.
Lo and behold, I found a lovely woman I'll call P. who had a perfect apartment for us!
It's a bit more money than I was really expecting to pay, but it does include Internet and utilities, so I think that makes up for it. I was originally budgeting for $300 a month but expected that to be non-inclusive of propane, etc. This apartment is $375 and comes with all the lovely gringo stuff, like a fridge and stove and big bed.
It's a little bit outside of Pana, along the road to Santa Catarina. I worried about that but Phyllis assured me that it's a lovely downhill walk to town, and a cheap tuk-tuk ride back. She also told me they have a full-time "guardian" on the property who will pick up your groceries for you for a small fee. Ooh-la-la fancy!

There were a few fascinating and revealing tidbits in our conversation about the apartment that she offered seemingly without being aware that they were unusual statements.
1. "Downhill walk." I guess in Guatemala, walking is never done on the flat!
2. "No church bells." Um, didn't realize that would be a problem, but I guess it's a "feature"!
3. "We prefer non-tobacco smokers." Interesting how she specified tobacco.

I was going to post the pics that she sent me of the apartment but I figure it will be more interesting to post my own pictures when I get there!
Instead, here is the approximate location of the apartment. See the little gold star?  :D
Where I'm moving to! Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

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