Sunday, July 30, 2017

Cost of Living in Guatemala -- and Other Places!

Some of you may recall that when I first moved here in 2015, I kept track of all the prices of things and put it on this snazzy page here. Prices haven't changed much in two years -- plus I'm lazy -- so I haven't updated it.
But today a friend shared this great website with me! It looks awesome for getting an in-depth look at the little things that might help you with budgeting decisions for becoming an expat. I'm going to add info for Panajachel to it when I get a minute or five.

CLICK! → Cost of Living in Guatemala.

I need to put a picture here for the preview page so ... hmmm ... let's pick one.
fluffy orange kitten sleeping in a bone-shaped dog bowl
Totally unrelated photo of my kitten, Queso, napping in a bone-shaped dog bowl. :) 
EDIT: I added info to the page. I'm disappointed there aren't more categories, and also that some categories are not applicable. It's an interesting site but I would love to be able to add my own selections, like cost of second-hand clothes (great deals here in Pana!), cost of pet food, cost for breakfast, cost for laundry service.

EDIT 2: In case you're wondering...
Second-hand clothes: I can get tshirts for Q10 to Q20, depending on quality. Bert gets clothes for even less, Q5 tshirts, Q30 pants.
Pet food: Dog food is as low as Q5 a pound, cat food is Q10/lb and up, kitten food is Q20/lb.
Breakfast: Q20 to Q25, sometimes includes coffee, sometimes not, higher price if you want gringo stuff like bacon. :D
Laundry: Q3 a pound? I've never done this but I've heard it's super cheap and the ladies are amazing at getting stuff clean!

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