Thursday, June 1, 2017

Still Here, Ups and Downs

Hey, guys. Figured I should do a blog post update type thingy. I'm still here in beautiful Guatemala, which seems to be even more summery than usual. The rains have started and everything is gorgeous and green. Flowers everywhere. Birds everywhere. Mud everywhere.  😄
Everything is busting out with flowers.

These teeny tiny baby cacti are growing on an old, scarred stump.

Bert with Calvin and Gus. We have to time our dog walks carefully to go out in between the rains.
I had three beautiful foster puppies for two weeks. They went to new homes today. My heart is a little broken, as usual, but hopefully they found great new families.
Spunky little puppers!

Who could resist these little guys?
My Internet has been being a pain in my butt lately. Not sure if it's me, a recent Windows update, faulty wiring, a new neighbour perhaps kinking the signal, or my provider. The tech guys are supposed to stop by tomorrow. Internet is my source of income so it's majorly important for it to be working! I haven't done much work at all this week. I feel guilty but also kinda refreshed. 😋

Also having troubles with our water. First there was muddy water, then no water, then back to muddy water. *sigh*
Hmm, not so nice to shower in dirty water, I'll tell ya that much.
But with all this, Guatemala continues to make me smile. Today I saw some construction guys outside a house on the main street. One guy was throwing -- THROWING -- cement blocks to a second guy who was standing on the unfinished second floor balcony catching them. I laughed and said, "En serio?" (Are you serious?) They laughed back at the silly wide-eyed white woman!

I have two amazing white roses blooming on my stairway. They smell divine.
I keep seeing the most beautiful tiny blue insects with fringed wings. They are like little fairies. I adore them.
There is some sort of live band karaoke thing going on in my neighbourhood. I am treated to a great band with really horrible singers a few times a week. Ha!

Took this picture today on my walk. Totally Guatemala! Don't you wish you were here? 😊
Just another gorgeous street dog hanging out front of a tortilleria. :)
Life can be stressful. Stop to smell the roses, either literally if you're lucky to have them growing in your garden, or figuratively. Peace out!

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