Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trying a New Dessert

Bert and I have been eyeing up this dessert in the cookie aisle for a while now. I kept forgetting to Google what they were. Well, yesterday we decided to just buy them and try them. We knew that it included arequipe, which is another term for dulce de leche, so we figured it had to be good! (ah-reh-KEEP-eh)

The package. I had taken the stuff out at this point, but usually there is a light brown circle of "something" showing through the window.
When deciphering things in the grocery store, I piece together the words that I know and the visual clues to figure it out. (I don't have a fancy phone to do translations!) The bottom sentence says something like, "For those sweet moments of the day." The small writing says something about dulce de leche and some obleas, which I figured had to be some kind of cookie. The cow looks happy. What else could I ask for? Let's buy it!  😁

Inside the package was a small container of caramel sauce and a plastic spreader. There was also a clear plastic bag of round, very light, very fragile papery things. 
I could have just eaten this!
Easy enough to figure out. Spread the caramel on a round thing, top it with another round thing, and eat!
A modest amount of caramel on the round thing.
*chew chew chew*
Um. It was pretty much like eating caramel sauce in between two pieces of flattened ice cream cone. Bleh!
I mean, the sauce was awesome but the wafers were totally tasteless and dry. Like paper!

Time to Google.
Obleas means wafers. (Kinda weird cuz people around here call them just call them wafers. I've never heard anyone say obleas.)
But I should have known it would be a wafer cookie. They love their wafers here in Guate. It's actually become a bit of a joke that whenever we try a new cookie or chocolate bar that there's ALWAYS wafers in it! 😆
Well, more Internet research brings up a wee surprise -- it's a Colombian dessert, not Guatemalan at all!
Learn a bit about OBLEAS here. They look good in the pictures there. I would have loved to try them with more toppings too.
As I was eating more of them, they were reminding me of those weird cookies we would eat at Christmas that had patterns on them. (Pizzelles, I had to look it up.)
These ones tasted way less delicious though. I tried a wafer without the caramel sauce and it was the ultimate in blandness. The dulce de leche without the wafer, however, was quite delicious. HA!

Wanna try them for yourself? Amazon actually sells them!
Click the picture to go buy some at Amazon.
It's fun to keep trying new things. I'm still seeing stuff at the market that is unfamiliar to me. It keeps things interesting, for sure!
When was the last time you tried something new to eat? Perhaps take a trip down your international aisle in the grocery store, or try a new restaurant, and wake up those tastebuds! 😊

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