Thursday, May 11, 2017

Rain is Life!

The rainy season has arrived and everything is getting green and lovely. It's not such a hardship as some people make it out to be. Usually, it's clear and dry in the mornings and the rains start at around 3 pm every day. This morning we had rain because Tropical Storm Adrian was mucking about at the coast. As soon as it let up, I took Mr. Calvin out for a walk to the beach!

I love when raindrops collect on flowers.
Corn growing at light speed!
Moody Volcán San Pedro
Echo! One of my doggie friends from the neighbourhood.
Layna! Remember her? She was the one that had all the puppies in the den. She looks good!
She was even wagging her tail at me. Unfortunately, I didn't have any food for her.
Fishermen. They use just a line and a hook and maybe bait, no rod.
They fish at that spot because that's where the sewage runs into the lake -- no joke -- and the fish love the runoff. That's also why there is a no swimming sign there. Gross.
Calvin checking out the dock. There are two volcanoes behind those clouds!
Really wanted to push him in!!
It's even more striking in real life. (Have I mentioned how you all should come visit?)
Jucanya beach and boats and gorgeous hills.
A green heron, I think.
No party boats today!
Volcanoes starting to peek out from behind the clouds. The lump in front of the clouds is Cerro de Oro (gold hill). Legend has it that there is gold buried inside it -- treasure!!
It's so dark and dramatic when the rains come. I love it! And everything gets cleaned and refreshed and the hills turn all green again. I wish my pictures were better. I don't feel they really capture the lighting and contrast... and of course they don't capture the temperature and humidity and smells. I tell ya, ya just gotta visit! 😁

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