Wednesday, February 15, 2017

I Need Water in My Life

I love to walk down on the beach in Jucanya at dusk. It's so peaceful and lovely, at least on weekdays. On the weekends, it's super busy and packed with visitors and vendors, but during the week it's often deserted.

Sometimes the sunsets are bright oranges and yellows, and sometimes they're soft pinks and blues. The waves shush against the gravelly shore. The boats bob on their anchors. Coots quibble amongst each other as they float on the swells. And Calvin -- the dork -- tears up and down the beach like a mad dog, ruining the peace. 😆

Lake Atitlan Guatemala dusk
Lake Atitlan from the Jucanya beach.

Lake Atitlan Guatemala
It's so misty and peaceful.

Silly pup loves to run in the sand and water.
Whenever I get frustrated with small-town Guatemala and think about moving somewhere more modern, I always come back to the thought that I need a lake in my life. There are few lakes in Guatemala and the ocean areas are super tropical, i.e. muggy and hot. The only other option would be Lake Chapala in Mexico, but the thought of packing everything and trying to get all the dogs and cats across the border is too daunting. So for now, I'm enjoying my rustic life and my nightly walks on the beach. No complaints!

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