Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bacon is Life

Think you want to move to Guatemala? Think again!!
(Or just readjust your food budget. 😊)

250 g of bacon costs Q27.90. That's $4.86 Canadian.
(For my American friends, that's 8.8 ounces of bacon for $3.70)
The good news? You should probably be eating bacon in moderation anyway and eating more fresh fruits and veggies. In that case, Panajachel has got you covered!
After my fatty, salty, awesome-y breakfast, I'm going to wash my stinky dog, do some work, then hit up the market for some strawberries and bananas.
It's a good life.

P.S. Did you notice the brand name? It's FUD. An English speaker would pronounce that "fuhd" rhymes with "mud". However, in Spanish it's pronounced "food". HA HA!

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