Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sandra's Import Grocery Store in Panajachel

Several times I've mentioned that you can "get anything" at Sandra's. It's pretty much true! At the least, this is your best bet to find a taste you may be craving from back home.

I wandered in there the other day to take a few pictures and get some prices for you guys. I was doing all right until one of the sales girls saw me. She got upset! She said, "No photos." I apologized and put my camera away. She then said a bunch of stuff in rapid-fire Spanish. I didn't understand and told her so. She repeated the same phrase a few more times, pointing to the pocket where I had stashed my camera. I started thinking maybe she was asking me to delete the photos I had taken, but I feigned ignorance, apologized some more and said, "Okay, no mas photos." (No more photos.)

As I toured through the rest of the store, three other associates magically appeared to ask me if I needed help. Ha! Keeping on eye on the spy!  :D

So here are the few clandestine pics I managed to smuggle out of the top secret Sandra's grocery store just for you!

The store was recently repainted by an amazing artist. He literally stood on a ladder with a picture of food and fruit taped to the wall for reference.
A bag of Goldfish crackers for Q33. That's CAN$5.66 or US$4.40 at today's exchange rates from
A Christmas treat? I think not!
A big bottle of Bailey's (750 mL) for Q255 or CAN$44.50 or US$34. Is that good? I don't know.
But considering you can buy the same amount of rum for Q45, it seems excessive! :)
One of the aisles at the front that contains imported cookies and crackers.
You can see that the aisles are stuffed top to bottom with attractive items to purchase!
The best aisle! Imported chocolates and other treats. :D
Toblerone for Q25, CAN$4.36 or US$3.33.
The photo that got me caught. Curse you, Grey Poupon!
Sandra's is actually far bigger than it appears from the outside. If you go all the way to the back, they have a huge selection of tea. Plus they carry incense, hair dye, shampoos, makeup, lots of spices that I can't find anywhere else (wasabi powder!), baking stuff, Ziploc bags and other kitchen goodies, a ton of booze, plus at the front is all the deli meats and cheeses, including Smokin' Joe's products. YUM!

Sandra's has two locations in Panajachel. Their main one, the one I toured, is a few doors up from the triple intersection of Santander, Real, and Arboles, on the right-hand side when going up the street. Can't really miss it! Their second smaller location is way down on Santander towards the lake.
If you're in Pana and have a craving, head on over and see if they can fulfill it. Or just buy chocolate. Chocolate is always good. ;)

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