Monday, December 19, 2016

Christmas Tamale Baskets at Mayan Families

One of the biggest and most helpful charities here in Panajachel, Guatemala, is Mayan Families. They do soooooo much good work around the lake.

Right now -- today! -- they are swamped with hundreds of people lining up to get a free Christmas Tamale basket. My friend, Stray Cat, is an employee at Mayan Families and took some pictures of the joyful chaos.
Mayan Families courtyard
So many people!
Baskets being put together.
It must be loud!
Everybody signs a thank-you card.
Stray Cat says, "Everything is a playground here. kids will climb the carrots, the dog food, the furniture, even me. They will reach out and touch you, grab you, hug you, etc. They have no prickly personal space..."

Here's the Mayan Families Xmas video from last year that explains what they do and what's in the baskets. It's only two-and-a-half minutes long and you get to see the beautiful traditional clothing of the local Mayan women.

Here's their most recent blog post about the Christmas tradition in Guatemala of making tamales for the family -- Making Tamales with Doña Margarita.

It's not too late to donate! Although baskets and gifts have all been purchased for this year, you can donate to their ongoing programs including Elder Care, Hope for the Animals, Well Mother Well Baby, sponsor a student or family, and help with the medical clinic costs. Donation page here.

I hope you're all enjoying the excitement and anticipation of the days leading up to Christmas. I put up a few simple decorations at my apartment today and did a bit of shopping. I'm looking forward to Xmas Eve fireworks, swimming on Xmas Day, and Skyping with my family!

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