Saturday, December 3, 2016

Budget Groceries in Panajachel

I believe I've blogged about this before but it continues to surprise and delight me. The grocery stores and tiendas here in Panajachel, Guatemala, sell items in teeny tiny packages! This is in stark contrast to Canada where everything is family size, super size, party size, MEGA SIZE!!

Here are a few of my purchases today. I'm short of funds, so trying to make things stretch for a few days until my paycheck comes in. These tiny sizes are beneficial to me!

Beans, oil, pasta, and margarine.
On the left are refried black beans. So yummy! This is a 10 oz (283 g) package for Q3.80. That's about $0.67 Canadian or $0.50 U.S. (I use for my currency conversions.)

Next is vegetable oil. Such a teeny container! It's 180 mL for Q3.50, Can$0.62, US0.46$.

Pasta, 200 g for Q2.85, Can$0.50, US$0.38.

Up top is two sticks of margarine. 160 g from Q2.60, Can$0.46, US$0.35. This is new! Usually they come in larger packages of five.

Total for these four things: Q12.75 or Can$2.25 or US$1.69. What a bargoon!  :)

Now I just have to go to the tortilleria and by 5 fresh hot corn tortillas for Q1 and a couple eggs for Q1 each and maybe an onion for Q1 and I've got food galore!  :)

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