Thursday, December 1, 2016

An Etsy Store to Buy Crafts From Lake Atitlan

I'm excited to announce that Mayan Families has opened an Etsy store that sells handmade crafts from the artisans around Lake Atitlan! These are the same type of items that are sold by the vendors along Calle Santander in Panajachel. So if you can't visit, you can still buy a trinket for yourself! (Perhaps to motivate you to save up and come to Guatemala?)
beaded hummingbird keyring
So cute! I wish they sold bigger ones, like the ones I collect from Juan. Perhaps in the future.
I will put this picture of the hummingbird keychain on my right sidebar for people to click through. Proceeds from sales go to the artisans and to Mayan Families. I also get a smidgen of commission if you buy from them but I'm not even worried about that. I'll probably donate it right back to them!

EDIT: Bummer. I just found out they only ship to the States, not Canada. Awww. :(

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