Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pictures From The Garden

No negativity today. Just pictures from the garden of my apartment building.
Morning glories that greet me on my stairs.
Don't know what these are but they are a lovely pale blue/purple.
English Ivy climbing the stair railing.
aloe vera plant
Huge aloe plant!
bird of paradise
Bird of Paradise flowers are blooming right now.
bird of paradise
Another Bird of Paradise flowers
lime tree Guatemala
Limes! We also have lemons and avocados.
This is called a Black-Eyed Susan vine. There are many varieties growing around Panajachel with different color combinations.
Ferns taking over the space between the wall and the stairs.
flame of the forest tree Guatemala
This is a huge tree with amazing bright orange flowers. I looked it up and it's actually called Flame of the Forest. The hummingbirds love these trees!
Pink-spotted plant. So cute!

Teeny tiny rose.
As I'm standing on the roof watching the birds, I look down to see Rui chillin' between my crocs. :)
There were two of these beautiful orange butterflies zooming around. One of them landed and I only had time to snap this picture. High-fives and headbutts to any photographer who takes good pictures of butterflies. Little dudes are super camera shy!
When I'm stressed out about work or just tired of looking at my computer screen, it is so nice to be able to just step outside and be immersed in nature. Plus, the lake is only a five-minute walk away. Love Guatemala!

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