Sunday, August 7, 2016

A Walk After the Rains

It rained for three days, thanks to Hurricane Earl off the east coast, so it was nice when the weather cleared a bit on Saturday and Calvin and I could go for a nice loooong walk.
In the north part of Jucanya, there is a wall/sidewalk that goes thru some fields growing green onions and other stuff.

I've wanted to know what was up this little cobbled road for a long time but...

...not really the wisest choice to do it after three days of rain. See those guys up at the top of the picture? They were clearing a landslide that had covered the road. Calvin and I went up there and said, Hi, then turned around and came back down. Another time!

It's neat to see cacti. 

The waterfall in Jucanya was running fast! It comes off the top of the cliff waaaaay up there. If you're at the market in Pana (and many other places around town), you can look up and see the top of it.

This truck had been parked so long it was growing moss.

I found Q5!!
 We walked all the way up the river road on the Jucanya side and crossed the metal bridge. I took a 360-spin video of the view. It was quite breezy and fresh, and the bridge shook whenever a truck went over it. Of course, no camera can capture how wonderful it is! The colours are so much more vibrant in real life.
Calvin leading the way down the gravel path on the Pana side of the river. Lovely view of the lake and volcanoes, and it's downhill all the way home. :D
I always grumble when I have to take Calvin out but once I get my butt moving, I usually enjoy myself. I still gawk like a tourist at silly things like birds and mountains and lizards and flowers and, well, everything!

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