Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Fancy New Place

Finally found a bit of time to take some pics around The Fancy New Place. Not too many interior shots as I don't feel I need all of the Internet peeking into my bedroom! :)

For moving day, we decided to just walk our stuff the roughly 1 km from NJP's place to our new place. So Bert loaded up the wheelbarrow, and I loaded up myself with backpacks and bags, and we hoofed it down the road. We must have made quite a sight...especially when we did it five more times! Just to save a few Q. Silly us. :)
Bert moving our stuff in a wheelbarrow, Guatemala style!
Tuckered out after moving. The quetzales we saved not renting a truck or using tuk-tuks was spent on food and drinks for our tired selves. 
View from the couch in the Fancy New Place.
Willow enjoying sitting on a real couch for the first time in eight months.
Calvin loves the grassy lawn!!
Our landlady's dog, Charlotte. Such a sweetie!
Bert trying to relax on the couch while Gimpy tries to distract him. Ha!
I walked around the house today and took a few pictures to kinda give everyone an idea of how much of an upgrade the place is compared to the little casita we were living in. You can see why we call it the Fancy New Place!
And to my readers in Pana, maybe you recognize the place? It's on the river road in Jucanya two doors down from Tienda del Paraiso (Store of Paradise!) by the yellow bridge.
Our place! The kitchen is on the left, the living room on the right, the two bedrooms and bathroom are in the back.
(Did you notice Calvin at first glance?)
The garden, so lovely.
The sauna. Gonna try it out and do a blog post on it someday!
Tomatoes in the yard. Almost ready to eat...but definitely need to be WASHED before eating because of the rampant indiscriminate doggie peeing that goes on. :D
My favorite flower grows in our garden! It is called Sky Vine.
Loads of geraniums. The smell of them reminds me of botany class.
A lovely climbing flower on the back wall.
I love the little red and green ground plant, plus the succulents in the pots on our porch.
Neat bent wood chair from which to contemplate the garden. :)
Odd-looking painting on the porch wall. The more you look at it, the weirder it becomes.
Still better than I could do though!
I like this one, right by our front door.
The sign on the house. Literally translated it says: House of Mr. Fair. Hee hee!
Hope you're having a wonderful Star Wars Day! May the Force be with you all. :)

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