Monday, May 23, 2016

Housewarming Party!

Bert and I are finally in a big enough house that we can have guests over! The Fancy New Place is probably four times as big as the little casita on Santa Elena. So much room for activities.

We hosted a housewarming party last Friday evening and had a blast. So many wonderful friends, so much good food, and such great conversations. The house is now officially warmed.  :D

A few notes about hosting a party in Panajachel:
1. This town is not so hot on street numbers, so you'd better figure out a great way to describe where your house is in relation to other landmarks. I've found that taking a screenshot of Google maps is an easy way to show people where you are. I must have done a good job cuz only one person couldn't find the place!
2. Your menu will have to be modified to suit the availability and affordability of ingredients. I usually love making a lot of dips with cream cheese plus have a cheese and pickle plate. Here, it's kinda cost prohibitive! Cheese is very expensive, and dill pickles are practically non-existent. (Sandra's has them but they're very pricey. I sometimes make my own but didn't have time to get them pickled enough for the party.) Lucky for me, my guests brought both cheesy items and picklely items to satisfy my cravings!
3. People bring their dogs. It's awesome!  We had Manchez and Trixie come to visit. Of course, then Gimpy and Calvin got all snippy and had a fight. But it's not a good party unless there's a fight!
4. Said dogs need to be watched. Gimpy ate more cookies than any other guest. 
5. Ice in a big washing bin is a necessity. We only have a bar fridge, -- full-sized fridges are reserved for the lucky and the well-to-do -- so everyone's beer went into the ice-filled laundry tub. Worked like a charm.
6. The party will break up earlier than you think...cuz it's been dark since 6:30 pm. Yeah, it's still a bit of a shock to me to have a party that goes for hours and then everyone goes home and it's only like 10. Ha!

We were too busy having a good time to take many pictures, but I am posting what I have. 

FOOD! I was so pleased that people brought dishes to contribute to the party buffet. We ate like kings!
Kitten selfie!
Rui was the true guest of honour. I think everyone got a chance to hold the little cutie.
Prompt guests get the best seats!
My landlady lent us some chairs as we had next to none. All seats were filled by the height of the party!
Gets dark early 'round here. :)
Manchez is such a cutie! Her huge ears get me every time. 
We were treated to a free performance by Pana legend, Julito!
Hear one of his original songs on YouTube.
The men talking shop.
The late arrivals kept the party going!
We were a bit freaked out by this lurker in the window across the way. But we figured out it was probably a garbage bag.
Trixie and Stray, cutest couple in Pana. 
I love the later parts of get-togethers where you're tipsy and chatting about the weird stuff that doesn't seem appropriate for earlier parts of the day! :D
Willow stole a meatball and took it to the top of the fridge to eat it.
Ugh, I'll clean up tomorrow. Or maybe Sunday.
I am so blessed to have such thoughtful friends! On top of bringing food and drinks and themselves, I also received some lovely housewarming gifts.
Yes, that's margarine. Silly gift based on a Facebook conversation. I love it!
A good time was had by all, except maybe Calvin who was tied up the whole evening and still managed to get in a fight. He did get to lick out the meatball pot the next day, so I suppose it turned out okay for him in the end!

Next party? A sauna party! Probably in July. I need at least a month to recuperate from this one! Thanks to all my awesome friends for coming! 

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