Friday, May 20, 2016

Angel's Trumpet

I promised a post about Bert's favorite flower and here it is! We are lucky to have one of these growing right by the stairs at the Fancy New Place. The scientific name is Brugmansia. The common name? Angel's trumpets! I love it!
And besides being beautiful, they also smell absolutely divine at night. They release fragrance at dusk to attract moths for pollination.
The tree right now is laden with flowers -- soooooo many! -- but soon they will all fall off and it will be bare for a bit before blooming again.
angel's trumpets brugmansia Guatemala
Angel's trumpets... such a perfect name!
angel's trumpets brugmansia Guatemala
So soft and pretty.
angel's trumpets brugmansia Guatemala
We've hung solar-powered fairy light in the tree. They look so lovely and mystical at night!
Even MORE flowers open at night.
Information on possibly growing this lovely plant in your area, provided you live someplace nice and warm. :)

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