Friday, March 18, 2016

And It Begins Again!

Semana Santa is kicking off! Got to see a nice little parade today around sunset. Made me smile. :)
There were a lot of groups of young people holding signs and dressed in various "uniforms". These ones were dressed in super nice suits. Not sure why. 
These girls just kinda swung their hoops around a bit. I was expecting them to toss them in the air and stuff but no such luck.
Robot kids? Okay! :D
I think these kids were representing Finding Nemo.
These kids were representing the movie Inside Out, which in Spanish is called Intensamente (Intensely).

Hawaiian Kids? Okay, why not?
This made more sense... they were representing their Mayan heritage.
Took a few short movies and put them together. Enjoy! More to come next week when Semana Santa really gets going. Such a fun time to be in Guate!

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