Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Long-Awaited Update!

Hi, guys! I'm here, no worries. Just been living life and not worrying about blogging so much. It gets kinda strange when your mind starts having a running commentary on everything you do in preparation for writing it down later. I had to stop the voices! HA!
Here's some photos from the last few weeks. Some of you will have seen these already on my Facebook page but some are new.
Also... HI BERT'S MOM!! We're okay. Busy. Happy. I'm sorry I haven't blogged for so long.
Met my friend Jo-Lori for brunch at Deli Jasmin. Wonderful place!
The interior of Deli Jasmine. It goes way back into a lovely tropical garden. Paradise!
Went wandering around some alleys in town and met a lovely fat pitbull!
Discovered some damn good Nutella substitute!
Pachi got soaked playing in the waves one day so she was banned from coming inside until she was dry! HA!
The Kittens are getting big. We're going to catch them this week and get them fixed thanks to AYUDA. 
The kittens licking up pancake batter from a bowl in our pila. In the back is Poppa Fat-Head, possibly their father. He is very shy. 
Went to a fun birthday party for my friend Hana Lucia. That's crazy Cassidy in there too, preparing to cut the cake Guatemala style, which is to make a circle in the middle and then cut slices around. Who knew?

The adventures of Calvin, the Escape Artist, continue. He lunged against his chain until the ring broke and then took off for an hour. He came back all stuffed with garbage and then slept for the rest of the day.
Pachi is perfect and sits there watching her foster-brother being a dork.
Baby scorpion!
Giant citrus fruits fall off the tree up the mountain and roll onto our porch. We made lemon cookies!
This is a plume moth! There are many types with funky wings. They are very distinctive in that they all make this T-shape when resting. This guy is teeny, only about an inch wide wingspan. 
Today was a Sunday stroll over to NJP's and back. I love Pana. If you can look up from the dog-poopy cobblestones for a few minutes, there are many things to see!
Bert snapped this rare photo of Willow and Pachi sharing the morning sun.
I wish I had the nerve to take more pictures of the people here. Their clothes are so beautiful. Their faces are so beautiful too! This family was walking all together, obviously heading to a house somewhere in Jucanya. Three of the ladies had babies slung on their fronts. Not sure if that's their dog, or just one following them. 
An abundance of fruit and sun. Hard to believe it's January 31. :D
Bert waiting patiently for me on the way to NJP's because I kept stopping to take pictures!
A view from the path to NJP's place, looking to the road. I love the yellow house with the three different flowering trees.
That wall is actually a raised sidewalk. Or it's a wall that people use as a sidewalk. Who knows? We walk on it. It scares me. I feel like I'm going to topple off!
On the way back from NJP's, kids were climbing in the orange tree. 
Bert says he never noticed this giant palm tree in town. How can you miss it?
I definitely need to try the food at this little place. The cops like it! Those are their police bicycles.
I love how they recently painted the wall to look like stones. :D
Lots of other things going on but I'm really trying to get away from my computer more and enjoy the sun. Hasta pronto, mis amigos!

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