Friday, December 18, 2015

LIFE School Xmas Play

Last night, Bert and I went to a Christmas play put on by LIFE school -- the same school where I went for the Halloween party. The play was held in the municipal salon -- the same place where we went for the spay/neuter clinic with AYUDA. (Are you getting the idea that this is a small town?)

The play was absolutely adorable and hilarious. My face hurt from smiling! It was neat because a lot of it was done both in Spanish and English... so the kids repeated their lines. Impressive!
A weird thing we noted: no one was particularly quiet while the play was going on. There was constant conversation throughout the hall, so much so that we could barely hear the actors, even though they had microphones. We still enjoyed it immensely though. The dance numbers were spectacular!
Unfortunately, all my pictures and videos are crap because of poor lighting and my distance from the stage, but I've put them together in a video anyway.  Enjoy!

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