Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I work from home doing transcription, which is awesome, but I do have a lot of trouble staying focused. I've never had much of an attention span -- squirrel! -- but it's important that I do at least SOME work so I can fund my continued adventures in Guatemala.
Here are some of my distractions over the last few days.
(And yes, I'm writing this when I should be working. *sigh*)
This is not from my window, thank goodness!
This is not a picture taken from my window, but rather from the patio at Gringos Locos. I had popped over there to talk Xmas party with Cassidy and Jo-Lori (when I should have been working), and this fellow walked by with GIANT fish. The two people carrying the piñatas stopped to talk to him, so I had time to snap a picture. I guess these guys dive deep in the lake with harpoon guns to get these big fish! Amazing!

Pretty flowers everywhere! Always distracting and must be photographed!
Ah yes, my guy, Mister  Distraction himself!
Me distracting myself by being goofy with NJP's motorcycle helmet... that no one wears but me!
Our friend, NJP, has gone home for a few months and left his bike with Bert. Super nice of him to do that! Now I fret though that Bert will get in an accident. Traffic rules are... wait, what rules? The only rule universally followed here is to obey the dudes with the neon vests and whistles that show up on weekends at busy intersections. Otherwise, it's a free for all!
Bert's distraction... hence mine too. 
Bert has started learning to do tile mosaics. He built a little wooden side table and is now decorating it with pieces of tile he finds by the river. I can't wait to see the final product!

I'm always distracted by animals so I'm often getting up from my desk to tiptoe outside and take pictures of the creatures that wander through my yard.
One of the wild kittens. They've gotten so big!
This is actually the Momma cat. She's so tiny!
Willow soaking up the sun. This is her favourite spot, but it's also the stairway that leads up to the garden, so she is often confronted by the wild cats. Much hissing ensues!
Look who was on one of our chairs this morning!
I was worried he would get eaten by Willow if he stayed at the table, so I scared him off to a more secure area.
(Look at those little ribs!)
A surprise from Bert!
It's very surreal that it's 10 days until Christmas. It's getting hotter every day here, and no amount of tinny Xmas music is making me feel festive. Oh well. I'll just go on with party planning and gift buying and treat making until the big day, and hopefully my inner elf will take over. :)

And how can I forget the biggest distraction of all! Yeah, the evil time-sucker, Facebook!

Dory is my favourite!

Okay, that's enough. I'm closing all windows but work and getting some stuff down now. Promise!
But first, I'm just gonna play a game for a minute. Or two.

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