Thursday, November 12, 2015

Another Power-Free Day

Saw a notice late on Tuesday night that the power was going to be out all day Wednesday. The last time a notice was posted, it didn't happen, so of course I was a bit skeptical. But sure 'nuff, 8am, BAM, lights out! So no work for me.

Bert came home from his main job too, since he couldn't use any of the powered woodworking equipment to finish the big wardrobe they'd just built. He got a call from a friend to come walk her dogs, which he usually does Tuesdays and Thursdays, so I decided to go with him to get outta the house and enjoy some sunshine.
A giant poinsettia tree we pass in "our" alley.
There's this really cool winding alley that goes from our street up towards the market. It's my favourite way to get into town cuz I don't have to navigate the chicken bus stop that's at the end of our street and the mad traffic at the corner of Principal and Santander. I tried to take a video of the alley once but it didn't really convey how twisty and narrow it is. It's totally fun to walk thru! And the little kids who live along the way have gotten to know us, and our dogs too. One little boy always laughs and says, "Chucho!" when Pachi goes by. (Chucho, in case you've forgotten, basically means "mutt" or "street dog".)

We stopped at the market for some breakfast before we picked up the dogs. We bought these warm cornbread things from an old lady who has a little charcoal barbecue. They're ... okay tasting. It's like one bite it's delicious cornbread and the next bite it's awful corn HUSKS! Ha ha! Bert says they would be better with butter, which really applies to most things, doesn't it? :)
Cheap breakfast! Can of juice, Q3.50 and a corn thingy from a street vendor, Q3. 
Cookie and Chiquita! These are two of our friend's dogs that Bert walks. I forgot to take pics of the other two.
After walking the dogs and chatting with some friends, I went home to try to have a nap. I was feeling sore and cranky, but sleep was not to be had. Our neighbours were hammering at some concrete or something, and a ton of mosquitos had found their way into the bedroom and were pestering me. Don't you just hate that high-pitched whine of a mosquito near your ear? ARGH!

So I got up and drank a giant cup of coffee. (Yay for gas stoves! We can cook when there's no power.) Bert had been out walking Pachi and Calvin -- with Calvin's new choke chain making things soooo much more peaceful -- but he agreed to walk even more and accompanied me to the 3Q Store.

It's funny but most of the stores are open even if there is no power. The 3Q Store simply put up some battery operated lights in the dark corners, while the rest of the place was lit from the windows. Still, Bert and I had to get out our cellphones to use the flashlight function to look closer at some things in the shadows. Kinda silly! We bought a few knick knacks and treats, and meandered back home.
Blackberry wafer cookies! Yum.
Bought this purple hair dye cuz it says at the bottom "Permeant Smartness". Awesome!
Photos to follow. Going to do it tomorrow.
The power was scheduled to come back on at 4pm, so I thought I'd get some chores done. No-power days are perfect for that stuff! I cleaned the stove, emptied the garbages, swept and mopped a bit, changed the kitty litter, had a shower (yay, solar heated water!), cleaned my keyboard and monitor, sewed up a pillowcase, and washed Bert's sweater. Whew!

After all that, it was almost 4pm so I twiddled my thumbs for a few minutes waiting for the power. Go-time came and went. No power. So I decided to climb up the mountain to see the vista before it got too dark and/or the rain came.
Stormy day in Panajachel.
I like how the clouds get snagged on the volcano top. :)
I took a video too, just blabbing about stuff. You can view it on my Youtube channel here.

Came back down pretty quickly as there were a TON of biting insects up at the platform. Still no power. I sat at the red table to wait. And wait and wait and wait! Bert wasn't having success with his nap, so he came out to the porch and we had an interesting chat about the pyramids while it got darker and darker. Still no lights! He got bored again and went to lie down while I simply sat at the table and listened to the world -- kids playing soccer, men hammering, birds chirping, crickets cricketing, and Pachi making little woofing sounds in her sleep. :D

I was just lighting candles at 5:25 pm when the lights came on. YAY! I blew out the candles, rushed in to the computer, powered it up, posted a Facebook status, and -- BAM, lights out! Awwwww. Bummer. Relit the candles and sat for a while in the semi-dark. The power came back on and off and on again a few more times before finally settling down and staying on.

So another fun power-free day with some adventures and productivity. I don't mind them so much. I only wish I had more notice! I hate having to ditch work without giving my bosses more advance warning. I'm lucky they are so understanding.

Until next time! ¡Nos vemos!

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  1. Chucho just means dog, not particularly a mutt or a street dog, all dogs are chuchos. And what you seem to ate for breakfast is a chuchito, a little dog, which now is made with pork, a Castillian import to Guatemala. The Mayan kept the Mayan chucho to eat, it's a hairless, barkless, vegetarian dog. Previously the chuchitos were made out of chucho.