Saturday, September 5, 2015

Unconnected for Three Days

On Wednesday night around 6pm, a big storm knocked out our Internet. We didn't think much of it -- it happens a lot here -- until we woke up Thursday morning to find the Internet was still not responding. I rebooted our modem and the upstairs modem multiple times, thinking maybe a power flicker had just messed things up. Nope, no Internet.

I can't work without Internet, so I figured I'd use this impromptu vacation day to walk into town with Bert and see if everyone was down or just me. Well, about halfway up the driveway, we found the problem!

No amount of rebooting is gonna fix that!
Our Mayan neighbours were already at the fallen tree, cutting off branches and taking away the wood for firewood. The cables were all the tangled mess on the ground and all the way down the driveway. Luckily, the Internet cables were on a separate pole than the electricity, so we still had power at the house.

Bert and I walked to NJP's house to use his Internet. (Thanks, bro!) I emailed my work to tell them why I had disappeared so suddenly, and then emailed my landlady and asked her who to call. She advised me to call our local handyman, Joselino, who speaks some English and would know who to contact to fix the problem.

Surprisingly, the Claro guy showed up the next day! He didn't get the job finished on Friday, but returned on Saturday to finish running new lines to our house, with the help of our guardian, Antonio.
This was Friday looking down our driveway from near the top of the hill.
If you look closely, you can see the black cables lying on the road to the left and right.
That's the Claro guy's truck. 
Saturday morning, the guy returned to climb up the poles and attach everything.
This is walking up the driveway from the house.
Big pile of logs from cutting down the big ol' tree that fell. Lotsa good firewood there!
So what did I do with three days of virtually no Internet? Gosh, everything! I baked bread, cleaned, did laundry, deleted useless junk on my computer, read, played my ocarina, played Minecraft (offline), went to town a lot, walked the dogs, napped, and also found time to watch John Wick, Guardians of the Galaxy, and two seasons of Parks & Rec. :)

And of course, the best part: the Ultimate Neverending Wrestling Battle for Doggie Supremacy featuring Greta vs. Pachi!! Endless entertainment with my morning coffee. :D

Tomorrow I'm going to post a bunch of random photos I took while out and about for the past three days, unconnected and loving life!

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  1. It's amazing what you can get done with no Internet... Sometimes I miss those days! Keep having fun! Love the dogs :)