Monday, August 17, 2015

I Love Sundays

Sundays are my favourite day of the week because they're the only day I don't work. It's wonderful to sleep in, enjoy a coffee while playing some Farmville 2, and go for a slow stroll around town.
Yesterday, I walked into town with Pachi to visit Bert while he was working at NJP's place, then left the pooch there so I could meander around town and down to the waterfront.
Sleepy doggies on a Sunday morning.
Hardworking Bert!
NJP's yard is a bit of a mess right now! But much progress is being made.
NJP painting the trim. 
Amazing barbecue down by the party boats dock.
Q15 for a plate that includes meat, guac, rice, salad, and tortillas. That's about $2.50.
There were three BBQs in a row. They all smelled divine!
Popeye? This party boat was BLASTING music.
I would love to go for a tour of the lake but I think I would have to wear earplugs. (Gosh, I'm old. Ha!)
Grenadine pop! Blueberry pop! (And it really did taste like blueberries!)
A short and loud video I took by the waterfront in Panajachel showing the BBQ ladies and the party boats. You may notice the younger ladies washing the dishes on the stone ledge. Plus, I love the sparkly ribbons the Mayan women wear in their hair!

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