Friday, July 24, 2015

Gifts From Canada

When I first learned that my sisters were coming to visit me in Guatemala, I immediately started making a list of things I wanted from Canada. My little sis totally came through for me and filled almost her entire suitcase with presents for me. :)
My haul. :D
1. Citronella candles -- can't find these here at all. Great for sitting out on the patio at dusk.
2. Smelly candles -- easy to find candles in Panajachel but haven't been able to find many with fragrance. Most of the local candle shops sell pillar candles for religious reasons.
3. Sunscreen -- good sunscreen is tremendously expensive here!
4. Face scrubs -- one for me (Olay) and one for Bert (St. Ives). Could probably find an equivalent here but it's so nice to have something that you know works for you.
5. Canada keychain! -- I lost mine so this is my replacement. Essential for proclaiming my Canadian pride.
6. Spanish/English dictionary -- I did find one here in town but this one I ordered online and just had it shipped to my sister's address to bring down.
7. A bird book -- all the bird identification books I've found here are in Spanish!
8. A novel -- really just bought this to bring my book order total above the minimum for free shipping... but super excited to have a new book to read when the power goes out.
9. My hairdryer -- my little sis dug through the totes I'd stashed in her basement to find this for me. Thanks!
10. Garlic press and veggie peeler -- two small items that I probably could find here but I knew that the ones I had stashed in Canada were high quality and easy to pack.
11. Medication -- I need to write a blog post about the issue of getting prescriptions in Pana. Luckily, I called my doctor and pharmacy in Canada and arranged for another six-month supply of my medication that my sister could bring down for me. Not sure what's going to happen when these run out.
12. Treats! -- my Mom sent me salt water taffy. Yum! Plus she added in some wonderful lavender soap and a whole bunch of travel-sized goodies. Thanks, Mumsy!
13. Magnetic clips for the fridge -- another frivolous small item that I love. I miss Dollarama. :(
14. Underwear -- hard to find plus-sized undergarments here in Pana. Not looking forward to bra shopping when my two wear out.
15. Socks for Bert -- we bought socks here but they were way too small for Bert's feet!
16. Kitty treats -- these are like $1.25 back in Canada but about $4 here. Yeah, bring 'em down! Willow says thank you. :)
17. Thrive gum -- this is quit smoking gum, like Nicorette. Bert is trying to quit! Yay!
18. Polysporin -- I did find an antibacterial ointment here but it didn't seem to work very well, so I requested some "good stuff" from back home.
19. After Bite -- anti-itch cream that I desperately needed for my numerous bug bites. Found out that it's actually just baking soda so next time I'm going to make my own.
20. Doggie poop bags -- I've talked briefly about these before. Very handy for the bathroom. We've found a supplier in town now, but it's still nice to have a roll of these in my purse.
21. Oven mitts -- there are oven mitts and potholders here but they don't seem to be as good a quality as the ones back home. It's almost like they're just fabric with no insulation or fire-retardant stuff. The ones my sister picked out are awesome! No more burned fingers, yay!

In hindsight, I should have asked my sisters to bring down a suitcase full of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and A&W Mozza burgers but I imagine that wouldn't have been as practical as what I did receive.

Big thanks to my little sis for all the prezzies. You rock! Come back soon! (And bring treats!)

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