Friday, June 12, 2015

A Collection of Chuchos

I love taking pictures of the dogs of Panajachel. They are so many interesting pups just hanging out doing their doggie thing. It's fascinating to me to see how dogs interact when they aren't on leashes and over-stimulated by nervous owners. They have their own language and etiquette. 
Can you hear his gruff bark in your head?  :D

Soaking up some sun in the morning. (UNE is a political party.)

This fella was in Santiago Atitlan.
We threw this pup a piece of pizza crust but apparently it wasn't tasty enough. So Pachi ate it!
So sleepy!
17? Maybe she just finished running a marathon? 
A handsome old fella in the back streets of Jucanya.
This teeny Chihuahua was watching another dog across the lane.
Bert and I really love this dog. I'm sure he's somebody's though. He's too clean and healthy to be a chucho.
Napping in front of the big church in Panajachel.

I've told you before about the charity, AYUDA, that helps the animals of Lake Atitlan. There is also an animal division of Mayan Families that accepts donations and volunteers. Bert goes to walk dogs there now and then. They have many animals up for adoption but they don't often get much publicity. Please check out their site and help if you can!

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