Monday, May 4, 2015

Busy and Having Fun

Blogging is getting pushed to the back burner in favour of working lots and having fun every spare minute.

Pachi is settling in well here. She loves going down to the park with the Bert, Greta, and Jack.
There are so many avocado trees at the park, that the rotten ones just litter the ground.
We will never have to buy aguacates again!

The gardens are well tended at the park.

Many gorgeous lilies have been planted.

I don't believe these are native flowers, but they sure flourish here!

Pachi wandering around the park. She gets frisky and likes to wrestle with Greta. Jack is a bit more reserved.
Bert & Pachi go to town every morning while I work. We've run into a few people who have recognized Pachi from her time in foster care. They were all happy to hear that she now has a permanent home!
Pachi doesn't like it when you point the camera at her!
I love going to town on the weekends to have breakfast. It typically costs around Q18 to Q25, which is about $3 to $4. A really nice breakfast at a fancy place will run ya about $6. :)
A lovely breakfast this morning at Paris Paris.
(That's the name of the restuarant, in case you thought I had truly lost
my marbles and gone to Europe!)
Life is settling into a nice routine of working, napping, walking to town to get fresh fruits and veggies, and hanging with the pooch. Weekend nights we sometimes have dinner out and a drink or two at Gringos Locos, where we've met some amazing friends. The owner, Cassidy, even let me tend bar for a bit! They play live music, have a two-hour happy hour, and it feels like you're chillin' in a friend's rec room. There's a group of regulars, expats from all over the world, who are very easy to talk to. We all seem to share the same attitude towards life: get out there and live it!
This cool beetle showed up on our porch tonight. It's kinda fun to leave the porch light
on to see what buggies are attracted to the light. 
There are so many cool little things that happen here all the time that just make this place so interesting and wonderful.
I stopped by the side of the road in town one day to watch a hummingbird feeding on flowers.
People walk around town with microphones, preaching.
There are fireflies here year-round.
Mayan women ride sidesaddle behind their husbands on motorcycles.
In fact, motorcycles are more popular here than cars, and are used to transport everything from propane tanks to rebar to an entire family of five.
Scooters are also popular in town. Anything and anyone that can fit on a scooter, will get on a scooter, dogs included.
Lots of Guatemaltecos jog up our road every day, no matter how hot it is.
They have different words for sheet lightning and bolt lightning (el relámpago and el rayo).
Bert bought a pound of strawberries from a Mayan lady and only noticed she was breastfeeding when she handed him his change.

I could go on, but it's late and I'm tired. Time to crawl into bed and fall asleep to the sound of crickets and peeper frogs and that one strange bird that calls in the distance. Oh, and occasional barking dogs. And Dwayne, the rooster with no concept of time.
Good night!

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