Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Flowers, Doggies, and More Doggies

A lazy blog post consisting of pictures and descriptions. Enjoy!
Your Spanish word of the day: ciruela.
It's a wee little plum that kinda tastes like a cherry.
Bert took over the photography tasks at the park and snapped some nice pictures of the gardens.
Lovely pale blue flowers, very small, but bunches of them. Very striking.
Freaky looking punk rock flower!
The neighbours let their chickens tour around by themselves, although the roosters are locked up.
It's curious that the dogs have no interest in the chickens.
More pretty little flowers.
A weird looking flower. I think these are planted here on purpose, as opposed to some of the wild flowers.
It's nice to see roses blooming all the time.
This rose is actually quite small, about the size of a President's Choice Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookie. :D
No clue what this flower is but it's big and awesome!
Our entertainment at home is the puppies playing. Gimpy gets right in the middle of things!
Gimpy is down but still fighting!
If they get too rambunctious, Jack barks at them and breaks them up. 
Still a bit shocking to look across the lake and see volcanoes.
Probably would be more shocking if they were exploding. :D
This striking fellow is a Mydas Fly. 
Frying up some plantains! Bert said that he's waited 10 years to try fried plantains.
He said, "I never thought I'd be trying them in Guatemala."
The mole sauce we put on the plantains. Kinda chocolately and cinnamony and not very sweet.
Gasp! Gimpy scored the dog bed while Pachi was off it.
He uses his remaining front leg, the right one, to prop himself up. Looks weird, eh?
Pachi was not happy with some doggies at the park trying to get overly friendly.
(Can you tell it's humid here?)
Life is awesome here, as usual. Walked to town with Pachi and met Bert after he was done walking the dogs at Mayan Families. Bought some fresh fruits and veggies, a loaf of homebaked bread, and some other necessities. Caved and paid $10 for a can of Deep Woods Off. There are these little black flies that attack our legs whenever we're outside. SO ITCHY!! We're both covered in bites.
Bert finally got fed up with the piles of dirty dishes and washed them all, plus swept the house and even cleaned the bathroom. He's earned his allowance this week!
Dinner was chicken burritos with black beans, rice, onions, and red peppers. Dessert was carrot oatmeal muffins. Now we're just relaxing watching old music videos on cable. "Come on, Barbie, let's go party!"

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