Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Puppies of Pana

One thing you will notice right away about Panajachel, and Guatemala in general, is all the dogs. A dog that lives on the street is called a chucho (choo-choh). Some of these dogs are actually owned by locals who let them run free during the day to scrounge for food.
This is our landlady's dog, Jack, eating an avocado.
Both he and Greta love to find avocados and chow down on them.
Then when they're finished eating, they have a nice ball -- the pit -- to play with!
Kinda like a Guatemalan Kinder Egg.
A street dog tuckered out from a long night of carousing.
A smart chucho finds some shade.
This is one of the dogs that lives at the Palapa Bar.
As you can see, he is a tripod!
Guarding the shop? Or waiting for master?
We pass this cutie-pie every day we walk to town.
They were interested in something over there.
This wee puppy was at the coconut stand by the yellow bridge.
So tiny!
This is Canela (Cinnamon)! She is adorable. She hangs out at the coconut shop too.
Although most of the dogs around Pana tend to be hound types,
you can find the odd poodle, cocker spaniel, and even dachshund.
We met this little sweetheart at the InGuat office. Bert fed her and she hung out with us.
Last but not least, Greta!! Bert was trying to get a nice photo
but Greta was not obliging.  :)
Many of the street dogs in Panajachel are in rough shape: limping, scarred, or starving. Thank goodness for charities like Ayuda Perros y Gatos. Click for more information or to make a donation.

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