Friday, April 3, 2015

First Two Days in Panajachel

It has been a whirlwind two days here in lovely, hot, beautiful Panajachel, Guatemala. I will use the pictures to tell the story. Videos are posted on my Youtube channel. Here is a cool one of Bert walking in Pana.
These are the calla lilies growing right outside our door.
This is Jack. He is a bit shy but a very nice pooch!
This is Greta. She is not at all shy!
Bert looking out our barn door.
Willow sitting in our front window.
A short walk from our apartment is a park by the lake.
We can swim there, and our landlady said we could borrow
her kayaks too, if we want.
This picture looks just like the ones you see in the travel magazines!
This is the park by the water.
My poor feet after a half day of walking. Owies!!
Security is intense! People's houses are all enclosed by walls and gates
and often have barbed wire and broken glass like this.
This it the river in Panajachel at the yellow bridge, with one of the volcanos across the lake.
Apparently in the rainy season, this river overflows the banks!
Breakfast time! This is Desayuno Tipico (typical breakfast).
Refried beans, two eggs over easy with salsa on top, and fried plantains.
Came with coffee and bread (or tortillas).
Was supposed to come with queso fresco (fresh cheese) but they forgot.
Cost: Q20 or about $3.10
Bert's breakfast, Desayuno Continental.
Refried beans, scrambled eggs with ham, fresh cheese, and fried plantains.
Came with coffee and bread.
Cost: Q30 or about $4.50.

This is at the end of Calle Santander, showing Lake Atitlan.
There was a neat little cobbled walkway along the waterfront, with tons
of shops selling all sorts of things. The whole town is like one big open air market.
The road surfaces are really fun! There are many different types of cobblestones.
These ones are actually pretty nice. You've got to watch your feet though, as
everything is uneven. 
Our grocery store! This is also where we seem to end up every day to flag
down a tuk-tuk to take us home. 

Carpets for Semana Santa.
They are made from coloured sand, fruits, plants, sawdust, palm fronds, and pine needles.
The smell is very interesting: rotting fruit, pine needles, and sawdust.
They are quite extravagant!
Haven't had a chance to buy any chocolates, but they look delicious.
Also notice the chucho (stray dog) just chilling on the ground. They are everywhere!
"I have no arms and no shirt, but damn, I'm handsome!"
Snack of street corn. Yummy! Not as sweet as our corn.
Served with lime and coarse salt.
Cost: Q5 or about $0.75
Brahva beer was everywhere. They were selling cans of beer on the street
for Q3 or about $0.50. Also notice more chuchos hanging out by the restaurant.
Pollo Campero is new in town. Apparently, it's quite contentious.
The outgoing mayor took a bribe so they could build there.
Still want to try it!
Sexy dancing ladies can sell anything!
The Semana Santa procession that passed us, incense burning, a band playing,
men straining under the weight of the big religious float. Very cool.
This is Bert with his new Mayan girlfriend, Catarina.
She is a savvy businesswoman who hounded us until we relented
and bought a beautiful rainbow woven thingy for Q150 or about $23.
Yes, we were ripped off. but she was so cute and soooooo persistent!
She met us the first day and we didn't buy anything.
The second day in town, she remembered us and started the pitch,
"You did not buy anything yesterday. Today, you buy. Yes? For you, my friend, only Q200."
She walked alongside us for a good 10 minutes, talking the whole while, and lowering her price.
When Bert finally agreed to buy one, she tried to up the price again! Sneaky girl.
The is the thing. It's folded in half. I think it might be a table runner.
Catarina said it was her own work, that she made in her house, and that the other more
intricate work were from her mother. I feel happier that I bought something she made.
And I think it's lovely!
There is really so much more going on than I have time or energy to write about! I will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. I'm still hoping to do a post about our amazing apartment, and a post about what it took to get Willow into the country. So keep your eyes peeled for those. :)

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