Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bert and the Quest for Rubies Emeralds

The two dark glassy rocks on the middle right side are obsidian.
The top left red rock I think has some jasper in it, but I could be wrong.
Bert doesn't quite remember how he got the idea to look for rubies (which could have something to do with Q5 tequila at Palapa Bar) but he's spent the last few days with his head down looking for pretty rocks.

Two days ago at our little beach, he found a nice piece of obsidian and several as-yet unidentified rocks that caught his eye. I emailed my Dad, an experienced rockhound, and he gave us some suggestions but said that he would need to take a closer look for a more accurate identification. *ahem!* Come down to visit anytime, Dad!  :D

Yesterday, Bert walked up the riverbed in Pana and found some more interesting mineral specimens. According to Google, Guatemala is known for its high quality jadeite, and to a lesser extent opals, but poor Bert came home with only paperweights. I guess we'll have to go back to the bar and find the guy who mentioned the rubies to find out the truth.

Anyhoo, the journey is more important that the destination, as they say, and Bert had a grand old time exploring up the river. He found a toppled house, most likely victim to excessive rains and an underpaid architect. An anonymous artist had drawn some "Mayan graffiti" on the roof.

Whoops, all fall down.

A picture showing how far the house has fallen over.

Pretty cool graffiti. Not sure what it means. Any guesses?

Bert found another bridge besides the yellow one that cross the Rio Panajachel.

The river keeps going up and up and up. Can't wait to see it in the rainy season!
As for me, I'm still nursing a sore foot and trying not to pout too much when Bert has all the fun. I keep reminding myself that we live here now, this isn't some two-week vacation, so I'll have plenty of time to find my own rubies... or paperweights.  :D

EDIT: Bert found that guy again and he said that it's emeralds, not rubies, that are found around here. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled!

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