Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Busy Saturday

Yay! Saturday! We spent most of the day in town exploring and shopping and being harassed by vendors. I would take more pictures but I feel like such a lame tourist pulling out my camera.
Bert was fascinated by the razor wire on the walk into town.
We took a different road today and found a nice waterfall.
Sorry it's not a better picture but we didn't want to walk into the field of corn!

Because of our new route, we had to get across the river into Pana by
scrambling along the rocky riverbed and crossing this ever-so-stable plank.
With an audience of unabashed local kids most likely hoping I'd take a tumble, I inched out on to the plank
until I could reach Bert's hand and scoot across. I made it!
I think we'll stick to the yellow bridge from now on. :)
There are some talented artists around town!
When I saw this sign, I exclaimed, "It's Mater!" Bert was confused. It took him a while
to realize I was referring to the tow truck. 
We braved the market. It was a tad overwhelming. Seems odd to see so many people selling the same thing.
Like, right next to each other will be two ladies selling identical tomatoes or mangoes. How do you choose?
Notice the chucho (street dog) just hanging out in the food court.
We started slow with our market purchases. One cucumber, two onions,
a bag of tomatoes, and three jocotes (a local fruit).
All this cost Q10 or about $1.64 Canadian.
We stopped by The Palapa bar to use the restrooms and grab a drink, and realized that it was Smokin' Joe's day! Every Saturday they set up a big BBQ and dole out huge "American" portions of food to gringos and locals alike. It was delicious!
I had a Backpacker's sandwich, cold veggie salad,
potato salad, and homemade pickles.
Cost Q45 or about $7.40 Canadian.
Bert had a pulled pork sandwich, potato salad, and sweet corn.
Cost Q50 or about $8.20 Canadian. Plus $2 beers and $0.80 tequila shots!
Eeks, a picture of me! I'm looking a bit worse for wear after walking around town in the hot sun
for several hours. This is at the dock in Panajachel. Really wanted to dive in, but I waited until I got home
to swim at the park near our apartment. So refreshing!
A short video of people enjoying Lake Atitlan.
After my swim, I had a nap and Bert took off for a walk. Another great day. Nos vemos!

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