Monday, March 16, 2015

Seventeen Days To Go!

It's getting down to crunch time here in Canada. Seventeen days until we get on a plane and change our lives forever. Couldn't be more excited!!

The checklist I made a few months ago is almost all checked. Willow and I have received all our shots. Bert is working on his last few Twinrix boosters.
I'm taking Willow's papers to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency tomorrow to get signed by them, then I have to mail them to the Guatemalan Embassy in Ottawa, and have them mail them back to me before we leave. This is stressing me out! I think I will write an entire blog post about the process of taking a cat to Guatemala later on when it's all finished. I will try to remember to link back to it here.

Both Bert and I sold our cars. Very strange to be on foot again. I've had a car since I was 25, I think. But it's quite refreshing to walk places, although it's still very cold! A lot of our snow has melted in the past week but the wind is very nippy.
I had to buy boring black rubber boots because
they were the only ones that fit,
so to make up for that I bought
these cute fake Crocs!
Also, lugging groceries back from the store puts a crick in my neck. Bert laughs at me huffing and puffing along the road. He says, "You're going to DIE in Guatemala... of a heart attack!" Admittedly, I am out of shape. Very out of shape. But I am also determined to not let that stop me. I know that every time I push myself to walk more, it will be that much easier next time. I'm thinking the hills of Guatemala might kick my butt into shape. Another post for the future, eh?

What else are we doing to prepare? Photocopying and taking pictures of all documents for safe-keeping. Changing our mailing addresses with places like the bank, the government, etc. Taking a lot of junk to Value Village. Throwing a lot of stuff out. Oh, and shopping! I got a nice fat paycheque yesterday and trekked up to Walmart to buy some essentials: socks, underwear, Aleve, and rubber boots. :D

I've got more sorting and packing to do, so I'd better get to it. Nos vemos!

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