Monday, September 22, 2014

Midnight Epiphany

Fall colours in Algonquin Park, courtesy of Kyle McDougall Photography
Last night I was drifting off to sleep when I had a sudden thought and my eyes popped wide open.
"That was my last Canadian summer."
And then...
"This will be my last Canadian fall."
Oh no! I felt a bit panicked, and then scrambled in my mind to recall all the fun things I had done this summer. Had I gone swimming in a clear Canadian lake? Yes. Had I gone camping under the stars? Yes. Had I enjoyed the beautiful sunshine? Yes. Had I hiked in a pine forest? Yes. Had I taken wild random road trips with the car windows rolled down? Yes, yes, yes!
Whew! Seems like I had enjoyed my last summer without realizing it would be my last.
As for autumn, it is my favourite season and I intend to cherish every second of it! It's hard to imagine never seeing the leaves change colour again. Or hearing Canada geese honking overhead as they fly south. Or feeling the frost crunch under your feet on a brisk morning walk.
But never say never, as they saying goes. I imagine that I will be gone from my lovely country for quite a while, but still somewhere in my mind I know I will be back. And I'll be sure to plan my trip for fall!

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