Friday, August 8, 2014

Willow's Carriage Has Arrived

After much debate and comparison shopping, I purchased an airline-approved cat carrier online. It seems to be pretty similar to the more expensive ones with the fancy labels, but a lot less pricey. Shipped from China, of course. I always fret over strange diseases accompanying packages I get from overseas. *washes hands obsessively*

Here is what Willow did when presented with her new travel-home.

"Hmm, what is this?"
"Smells interesting..."
"Looks cozy..."
"Naw, I think I'll sit over here on the plastic bag it was shipped in."
TYPICAL!! Silly kitty.

Here is my unbiased review, but remember I haven't actually used it yet!
I'm impressed with it! It is airline-approved, meaning that is has mesh on two sides, plus all the appropriate measurements for in-cabin travel. It seems solid, good stitching, and of course a pretty color. (Green-yellow to match Willow's eyes!)
It's got a removable insert for the bottom. It's covered in vinyl, but I imagine it has a foam core or something in case of accidents. It's got a little velcro strip on the bottom to keep it from shifting around. I will probably put newspapers in with her when we go. She actually loves newspaper! She enjoys shredding it and sleeping on it, so I'm hoping it will make her feel more comfortable, plus soak up any problems. Although I sincerely doubt she will make a mess.
The carrier has a small zippered pocket on the outside for stuff, and a bigger pocket on the inside. Why on the inside? Not sure if I would ever use that. I actually wish it had more pockets, but then again, I would probably stuff the pockets full and that might put it over the 10-pound weight limit, cat & carrier together.

Anyhoo, it seems small but I think that's okay too, as Willow has no problem squeezing into my grocery bags when I leave them on the floor. It's actually the medium sized one. There was a smaller one. For Chihuahuas, I guess? Same price, go figure.
This is the eBay picture. Click it to go buy one!
Buying a cat carrier was the easy part. Actually taking my crazy kitty on a plane... that's going to be difficult. I'll try to remember to take pics!

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